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Forward: moving toward the future or toward a more advanced state or condition.

Definition by Merriam-Webster

FORWARD Was the Official theme of our LeadingAge Indiana/INALA Spring Conference. And it was certainly timely!!

We gathered enthusiastically (and safely) as one of the first to return to the Indiana Convention Center. FORWARD!

We were inspired during the Awards Ceremony by the selfless sacrifice of our peers, our residents and our families as together we fought and continue to fight a deadly foe. FORWARD!

We were challenged to serve our residents in new and innovative ways by the many expert speakers. FORWARD!

As our keynote speaker, Dr. Thomas Pomeranz wisely noted “A pandemic is a horrible thing to waste!” and “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed”. FORWARD!

As Rosanna Benbow noted during a breakout session on Patient Driven Payment Models “We need to increase our focus on person centered clinical assessments and documentation. FORWARD!

As Karl Ahlrichs reminded us in a session on Remote Screening and selecting staff in a contagious world, “Yes, skill sets are important. However, in our industry we need to find the people who are genuine and compassionate. The way to do that is to talk less and truly listen to the candidate.” FORWARD!

As the experts in our closing Panel, “Looking Back and Moving Forward,” demonstrated for us. We need to continue working together to safely meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. FORWARD!

We offer a special thank you to our sponsors, speakers, vendors, and all who attended this informative, exhilarating, and fun-filled event. Our 2021 LeadingAge Indiana/INALA Spring Conference was truly one to be remembered.

Together we will continue moving FORWARD!

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