Nurse Leader Deep Dive (8:45 - 11:45 AM)

Time: 8:45 AM - 11:45 AM Description: This deep dive session is designed for long-term care nurse leaders. Join us in this session to take part in educaiton focused on self-care, leadership, and supporting your team.

Assisted Living Deep Dive (8:45 - 11:45 AM)

Time: 8:45 AM - 11:45 AM Speaker: Alli Morua, One Purpose Senior Services Session 1: People First: Why you should onboard agency staff Speakers: Yolanda Washington and Jon Roush United Heartland; Amy Snetsky, Hanover Liability Session 2: Assisted Living Risk Management/Hot Topics in Insurance Panel Discussion Take part in sessions dedicated to Assisted Living leaders!

LTC Leadership Deep Dive (8:45 - 11:45 AM)

Time: 8:45 - 11:45 AM Speakers: Deb Emerson and Bill Bojan, CliftonLarsonAllen Session 1: Navigating Senior Living Nonprofits: Serve Like a Nonprofit, Perform Like a Business Session 2: Strategic Planning

1A: A Rest That Works - The How (2:00 - 3:00 PM)

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM Speaker: Brenda Jank Description: Vibrancy and engagement transpire in the workplace when leaders run with passion and rest on purpose – routinely refueled, refreshed, and replenished. Part 2 of A Rest That Works tackles the how. With a single-minded objective of making Restorative Wellness accessible and practical – simple and strategic, we will explore no cost, high-yield restorative rhythms that equip us to navigate 24/7 from a place of vibrancy, strength, and joy.

1B: Infection Prevention and Control in Long Term Care (2:00 - 3:00 PM)

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM Speaker: Caryn Humphrey, Medical Science Liaison | Medline Industries Description: In this session, attendees will: - Review why infection prevention is critical for resdients in long term care - Assess overall infection prevention and control best practices and clinical-based evidence to protect residents - Discuss strategies for infection prevention, including multi-drug resistant organisms - Examine resources to support efforts toward improving infection control for residents and staff

Opening Keynote: A Rest That Works (12:00 - 1:30 PM)

Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM Speaker: Brenda Jank , Run Hard, Rest Well Description: Covid-19 is a bucket draining time for leaders and their staff, yet it is full of opportunity. Is your team tired? Do they know how to refuel and recharge? Teach them how, lead the way, and do it together. Equip your team to sharpen their saws and keep their buckets full. Simple and strategic, Restorative Wellness empowers staff to navigate seasons of crisis and recovery by creating a pace and plan that is strategic, transformative, and sustainable.

1C: Cybersecurity Insights and Best Practices (2:00 - 3:00 PM)

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Speakers: Phil Holderness, RT Speciality | Black Ink Description: Health care providers continue to be faced with cyber threats and potential security breaches. To avoid these cyberattacks, it is essential to understand the top data security threats, as well as how to implement practices to ensure data privacy.

1D: Get on Top: How to make the most of your social media presence (2:00 - 3:00 PM)

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM Speaker: Sherri Berghoff, President/Co-Founder | One Purpose Marketing Description: Positioning your services in the online space is an essential component in a successful marketing strategy. In this session, we will discuss best practices for online marketing and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to increase virtual engagement.

2A: Leadership in Difficult Times - You vs. Me vs. Them (3:15 - 4:15 PM)

Time: 3:15 - 4:15 PM Speakers: Karl Ahlrichs,SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CSP and David Fischer | Gregory & Appel Description: Productivity is elusive in Difficult Times. “Problem employees” drive away high performers and derail efforts to build a high performing team – made even more challenging when the workplace is a distributed mix of home and office and remote. In this interactive session, participants will learn a systematic approach on how to deal with challenging types without becoming one. By using a systematic approach to remotely identifying job fit mismatches and disarming the occasional difficult person, participants will be able to eliminate the roadblocks and build a high performing culture. Workplace application: - Clarifying the cost – the damage done by difficult people - Fire before you hire - adjusting screening and selection for improved job fit. - How to stop hiring and encouraging “victims”Improving interpersonal communication skills to change employee behaviors. - Three absolute do’s and don’ts in managing conflict with difficult people - How to expand your behavioral flexibility to handle specific kinds of tough situations.. Learning objectives: Leadership Challenges - The impact of workplace conflict and how conflict can damage a high performing culture - Organizational and individual conflict styles, resolving rational and irrational conflicts How leaders should communicate in difficult times - How to assess the style of the individuals that you are communicating with - Core communication competencies that all professionals should have. - When nothing works – how to deal with the challenge. Reducing drama in the future - Improve productivity and innovation by shifting hiring standards. - Using values alignment to remotely select lower conflict new hires. SHRM Body of Knowledge Business Acumen – Aligning Job Fit with Organizational design Interpersonal Communication – Conflict Resolution HR Functional – Talent Acquisition and Advanced Screening

2B: Are Unwanted Behaviors Really Signs of Distress? (3:15 - 4:15 PM)

Time: 3:15 - 4:15 PM Speakers: Kyla Brock, Director of Operations and Jan Bays, Program Developer | Jill's House Memory Care Description: People living iwth dementia often communicate with their behaviors. Looking at those behaviors as signals of distress puts things in a whole new perspective. It opens up the opportunity of identifiying the root causes of behavior and modfying the environment for living well. This approach is a new ay of supporting people to live well with dementia. In this session, we will explore theory, share personal experiences, and offer case studies for experiential learning.

2C: It’s (a Little) Complicated: Employer Vaccination Programs in the Age of COVID-19 (3:15 - 4:15 PM)

Time: 3:15 - 4:15 PM Speaker: Shelley Jackson | Krieg DeVault Description: Join attorney Shelley M. Jackson for an engaging discussion of various hot topics relating to COVID-19 vaccines and employment, including an overview of President Biden’s new vaccine mandate, exploration of religious and disability-related exemptions, and practical suggestions for implementation of a mandatory vaccination program.

2D: Attracting the Modern Consumer (3:15 - 4:15 PM)

Time: 3:15 -4:15 PM Speaker: Sally Heffernan, Plante Moran Living Forward | Hoppy Sell, Spectrum Consulting Description: In this session, learn trends of what current and future consumers are looking for, and discuss strategies for attracting the modern consumer.

Monday, September 27

3A: Emergency Prepardness: Regulatory Insights, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned (9:15-10:15 AM)

Time: 9:15 - 10:15 AM Speaker: Shelly Maffia, Director of Regulatory Services | Proactive Medical Review Description: It is essential for Long Term Care facilities to be prepared for emergencies and understand CMS requirements a they relate to Emergency Preparedness plans. In this session, we will discuss updates from CMS and best practices in updating your Emergency Preparedness plan.

3B: Skin Care and Incontinence: From UGH to We've Got This! (9:15-10:15 AM)

Time: 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM Speaker: Michelle Christiansen, VP Clinical | Medline Industries Description: It’s probably no surprise that incontinence is one of the most costly and labor-intensive issues in healthcare. What’s more, despite years of research and clinical efforts to improve it, the prevalence of incontinence remains high. Incontinence brings forth a multitude of challenges including increased risk for IAD, pressure injuries, a higher rate of falls, dignity and social interaction issues, increased caregiver workloads and increased costs. We will help you gain a better understanding of how to help you and your staff work proactively to prevent these challenges; provide great skin care to prevent skin injuries while also creating a dignified experience and improve outcomes. We will start with assessing the challenges and work our way up to implementing education. Understanding that you face extraordinary challenges every day, we want to ensure that you walk away with a plan to help keep those you care for happy, healthy and active. - Understanding the risks - Assess the challenges - Individualizing care - Improve outcomes/quality of life.

3C: Social Determinants of Employment: The Impact to Your Organizational Health (9:15-10:15 AM)

Time: 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM Speakers: Peter Corless, Executive VP of Enterprise Development | OnShift Description: The subject of social determinants is a massive trend in healthcare as providers have come to understand and take steps to remedy the impact that conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age have on access to quality care. (World Health Organization) However, little has been done to apply that thinking to how similar socioeconomic determinants can impact a person’s ability to access employment. The barriers to employment that social determinants affect in attracting and retaining staff are taxing the industry’s ability to provide a mandated level of care. As much as any other factors, these social demographics that have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic determine the prevailing workplace obstacles and needs for employment. They also provide clues about where operational investments in services should be focused to correct the problems. We will examine real-world case studies, research from senior care employees, and examine COVID-19’s impact on the senior care workforce. In addition, the audience will participate interactively as we discuss how many of their associates are finding themselves having to make impossible choices between their personal responsibilities and their jobs, unable to manage the demands of both at the same time.

4A: Getting Back into the Swing: MDS and Reimbursement Update (10:30 - 11:30 AM)

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 AM Speaker: Deborah Lake, Senior Managing Consultant | BKD, LLP Description: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was met with unprecedented state and national waivers, delays, freezes and changes in areas of Medicare coverage, quality reporting, Payroll Based Journal reporting, Medicaid reimbursement and MDS 3.0 updates. With LTC coming back into a more normal functioning, it’s time to review where we are now. Come join us for a discussion of where we are today and how we are moving forward. Learning Objectives: 1. Identify where we stand with waivers, delays and freezes from the PHE 2. Identify changes in the MDS in place for October 1, 2021 3. Understand where Indiana is with reimbursement changes and updates 4. Identity areas affected in your facility and how to move forward

4B: Activities Best Practices (10:30 - 11:30 AM)

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 AM Speaker: Lindsay Watts | Woodland Terrace of New Palestine Description: Join this session to gain insight into effective ways to facilitate engagement among residents through creative activity programming.

4C: Supporting Staff: Mental Health and Stress Management (10:30 - 11:30 AM)

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Speaker: Heidi Ewen, University of Indianapolis Description: During the COVID-19, mental health concerns and burnout have become increasingly prevalent among staff, especially in healthcare settings. In this session, we will address best practices and steps you can take to support the mental health and wellness of your staff.

Town Hall & Luncheon (12:00 - 1:30 PM)

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Description: To go ALL IN, we must stay up to date on the changing landscape of Aging Services. The Town Hall Lunch is an opportunity to discuss upcoming legislation and regulations that most affect Aging Services Providers in Indiana. Plan to join your colleagues for fellowship, lunch, and a look at the issues that matter most to you!

INALA Awards Luncheon (12:00 - 1:30 PM)

Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM Description: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help recognize the achievements of INALA Members who have made positive impacts in Assisted Living. We will enjoy a meal while we celebrate award recipients for their incredible work!

*If you are not attending the conference but would like to attend the awards luncheon, individual Awards Luncheon tickets are available for purchase.

SNF Monthly Compliance Update (1:45 - 3:45 PM)

Time: 1:45 - 3:45 PM Speaker: Becky Bartle, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Consultant | LeadingAge Indiana and HOPE Description: Don't miss out on attending this in-person installment of the Monthly Compliance Update! In this session, Becky Bartle will review the top health survey deficienceis from July 2021.

LeadingAge Indiana Annual Meeting & Breakfast (7:30 - 9:00 AM)

Time: 7:30 - 9:00 AM Breakfast (separate ticket required): 7:30 - 8:00 AM Annual Meeting: 8:00 - 9:00 AM Sponsored by Plante Moran

Assisted Living Compliance Update (1:45 - 3:45 PM)

Time: 1:45 - 3:45 PM Speaker: Maria Cash, RN, RCA Description: This session will focus on current trends in Indiana residential care facility surveys, along with a focus on compliance strategies. Examples of citations will be provided.

Tuesday, September 28

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Keynote: A Rest That Works
Brenda Jank | Run Hard, Rest Well

As a catalyst for personal and organizational change, Brenda is high energy and story driven, equipping leaders and their teams to explore transformative and sustainable rhythms of work, rest, and rhythm. Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit, Run Hard. Rest Well., Brenda speaks from coast to coast and is a thought leader in the arena of Restorative Wellness. Brenda and her husband live in northeast Indiana and lay claim to five of the finest, feistiest children ever assembled under one roof. Learn more at