RESIDE’s platform delivers an unparalleled and revolutionary antidote to the outdated admissions process. While RESIDE is a logical progression for any modern day SNF or ALF, new vigilance around resident safety, emphasize the need to evolve. Paper admissions or scanned in documents just provoke fear and anxiety with families. With RESIDE, facility staff customize and launch new admissions directly from the RESIDE Dashboard. Here they can track everything related to the admission so nothing gets missed. Residents/families access RESIDE through a secure link so they can complete their customized admissions questions remotely, or in person using the RESIDE IPad. Finally, RESIDE’s Reporting and Analytics delivers instant auditing so you’ll never wonder which contracts are complete, which are missing important information. The RESIDE software takes the stress out of admissions while improving compliance instantly. RESIDE syncs seamlessly with E H R. Professional, Customized, Personal, and Necessary. RESIDE makes it easy. Finally!

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RESIDE Dashboard provides facility staff with an easy way to start the customize admissions process for each new resident. The Dashboard is also where they can measure and monitor the admission and track the submission of all related documents (screenings, background check, advanced directive, etc.). The dashboard is the daily “go-to” tool for insight into every admission.

RESIDE Resident Experience makes a lasting and positive first impression of your facility and the admissions process. The current admissions process leaves residents/families overwhelmed, nervous, and anxious. RESIDE is different. RESIDE is an App or link that allows residents/families to complete the admission remotely or at bedside, with or without the assistance of an admissions representative. No more paper or confusing terminology. Imagine having the admission secure and complete before the resident even arrives

RESIDE Reports/Analytics provides powerful insights. This is where regionals, operators and owners can spot trends, opportunities, successes, and critical gaps needing improvement. RESIDE Reports and Analytics delivers timely insights into the entire admissions process, allowing you to¬ identify efficiencies and best practices between facilities. Instant auditing reveals when, where, and even why changes are needed to drive work performance, attract more referrals, or enhance employee engagement.

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