RehabCare delivers quality care, expertise and innovative solutions, making us the premier provider of outcome-based rehab therapy and wellness care, patient-centered clinical leadership and regulatory oversight. With over 30 years of industry experience caring for those in the physical, occupational and speech-language therapy settings, we continue to generate positive clinical and operational outcomes. The programs and services provided to our partners encompasses all levels of care, including skilled nursing, assisted living, independent living, life plan communities and outpatient facilities.

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Prior to admission, a facility must first obtain and scan vital patient documentation to ensure the right patient is admitted to the right facility at the right time in their care journey. That is why we offer Admit Assist. Within minutes, Admit Assist scans a patient’s referral documents, identifying key diagnosis, medications, treatment and precautions that will help a facility determine whether a patient meets the proper criteria -- creating an error-free preadmission process.

Following patient admission, a facility must ensure coding is accurate so that they can receive appropriate reimbursement. Through our alliance with Team TSI, we offer an MDS Scrubber that provides a comprehensive analysis of the MDS, pointing out crucial clinical review areas, fatal errors and other major data points than can greatly impact patient care and services provided. Utilizing the Team TSI MDS Scrubber allows for real-time, seamless data analysis.

Throughout their care journey, it is vital that a patient stay engaged in order to meet their recovery goals – this includes tracking and sharing progress and staying connected with loved ones no matter the distance. This is all made possible through the RehabTracker app, which enables patients to gain access to key milestones in their recovery journey, supportive messages from family and friends, and more – all from the palm of their hand.

Learn more about Connecting Technology to Connect to your Patients here!

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