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Since 2011, Inviacom has been providing fully-managed digital technology solutions to senior living communities throughout the US. Our solutions are adaptable to the changing needs of your residents, guests, clincial staff, and administration. And our Launch Team partners with your community to successfully release blanketWiFism to ensure that everyone can easily connnect their devices to the network through group sessions and 1:1 trainings. We’re your sole provider for internet, television, managed services, and voice and we can accommodate communities of all shapes and sizes with expert, worry-free support.


Exceptional Service in:

+ Next generation high-speed internet & Wi-Fi

+ Centrally managed with IoT-enabled experiences

+ Nationwide calling & advanced VoIP features

+ Competitive streaming & media options

+ Enhanced network security

+ Technology procurement & training

+ 24/7/365 Customer & Technical support

Learn more about Inviacom here!

An Inviacom technology trainer assists a resident in onboarding her device to the network. 

Learn more about technology trends and senior living on Inviacom's blog!

A resident works with a medical professional to efficiently capture information digitally thanks to her community's Inviacom network.

Using Inviacom's blanketwifi technology, this resident easily connects his device to the network any where in his community.


Virtual Door Prize!

Inviacom will contact the winner following the Virtual Conference. 

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