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Creating Home
GMB’s relationships with residents, staff, and the larger community builds on your mission to create the unexpected. Our team’s expertise and passion for senior living environments pairs with your compassionate care and support, leading to resident comfort and joy. GMB is not just a design firm. We hold dementia practitioner certifications, have spent dozens of hours with Teepa Snow, John Zeisel, and others. We have nursing home administrator training. We are Board Members. We are part of your community. We understand.

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Recognizing that multiple dining options are now expected by residents, we renovated the core and commons area to create three new dining experiences. The formal dining area was divided to create a café with grab-n-go option, a new formal dining room, and a casual dining setting. Each of the venues offers a unique feeling and a slightly varied menu served by a central kitchen.

Resident and staff buy-in plays a large role in how a building is occupied and utilized. For this renovation project, GMB held numerous sessions for staff and residents to share an immersive reveal long before construction began. The feedback was amazing, and the “When do we get to eat there?” questions began.

Green Homes / small homes are trending, but GMB has been designing small household environments for many years. This ten-person Green Home Project features natural light throughout all the common spaces. Each of the private rooms opens into the large common space with an outdoor patio, a garden, and dining. Staff self-schedules and truly connects with the residents. This home provides the environment that each of us desires in skilled nursing.

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